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Book Review: Ghost Train to New Orleans

The Ghost Train to New Orleans - Mur Lafferty

Zoe picks her team of writers, which includes hiring the Norse Goddess Eir, and takes the new high-speed train to New Orleans. A ghost train. Zoe's "boyfriend" has lost his Zoetist herbs, the herbs keeping him from going zombie. The Zoetist who knows the secret recipe is out of town and unreachable. New Orleans is where the Zoetist trained and his mentor, if still here, could help Arthur. Zoe finds another like her, with the same ability as her, and he always seems to run in the face of trouble. He seems to be on someones want list, very badly. Why does he run and what is going on? Zoe stumbles into more trouble in New Orleans as she learns about her powers and tries to help all her friends.

We see several of Zoe's new 'friends', more like employees, again. A few we are missing, and will be missed after Decembers happening. Zoe starts to think a few of her employees could be friends, but remembers most of the coterie would eat her for dinner. Then fondly remembers Granny Good Mae telling her NOT to trust them. Zoe struggles with this through the book, seeing a side to a few of her co-workers she may not be able to accept with being human. Arthur is having troubles adjusting to 'monsters' being so near and that Zoe works for them. This seems to be a hurdle in their relationship along with his impending death. Arthur is trying to come to terms with many things.

We remember that night in December, one month ago. Zoe is healed but she remembers what she saw her friends/co-workers do that night. Zoe also knows what she is now, a city-talker like Granny Good Mae. But there's no one around to teach her what to do to talk to the city.

Aaah, we do learn more secrets and the history of city talkers. Awesome! This opens so many doors. Answers questions and makes me curious to learn more of this deep history of coterie and city talkers. Can't wait to learn it! There is a shortage of them and cities are dying due to lack of connection to bring care to the city.

Trouble always seems to find Zoe, or is it her finding it? Either way, it makes for an amazing journey. Now the question is; who's trying to kill her now, all the way in New Orleans?

I enjoy the fun animosity between Zoe and her "undead" friends. They all have their quarks and troubles, a few of those troubles find them in New Orleans. But when you've lived as long as several of them, that happens.

Zoe brings out the smile as I read her and her comments. And the troubles they all plow through. Fun read that I will come back too. Zoe is a fun character that will not back down when there is trouble. She is the character to read when looking for enjoyable and urban fantasy troubles.