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Book Review: HOPE'S END

Hope's End - Brian  McClellan

Captain Verundish's letter from her ruthless husband is not good. Her father won't approve their divorce, as he performed the marriage and has to sign for divorce. Her husband has other plans. He holds a threat of their daughter's life over her for the divorce, one way or another. Captain Verundish learns her lover is chosen to lead the charge at Hope's End, the first line through and facing all deadly throws. Rarely does anyone survive. Captain Verundish has an idea to help save her daughter and her lover...

I had suspected her plan was as such. Brian, brave as he is, took his characters there and I love it. Hard battle and personal life struggles are present in this short.

We read from the eyes and heart of Captain Verundish. We see Tamas in her thoughts and views. Tamas is in the field, as General. Younger and in action. You see his hatred of the Privileged seeping through in his strategies.

Tamas seems to influence those he meets, and Verundish is one of them.