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Audio Book Review: Murder at Avedon Hill

Murder at Avedon Hill - P.G. Holyfield

Arames and his student, Arrin Perti, come to the city of Avedon Hill, the city all had to go through to get to the mountain pass because there is no other way around, as they were heading to a conference. Arames's cousin tells him he can't get him granted passage, there's been a murder and the city is closed. Lord Avedon won't let anyone leave until the murder of the Housemistress of the Avedon Manor is solved. Arames offers to solve the murder to open the pass on the opposite side. The secrets Arames unveils on his investigation could prove to be very dangerous to him and Arrin. Secrets worth killing for...

I listened to the audiobook version, and LOVED it! All the voices to many different characters and the background to go with the happenings. I would love to have read this book as well. I know there are a few sections about the gods here that I would have re-read a few times. I know there is a lot of information that goes with the building here and my sticky notes would have been loved so. And I could easily go back to my notes and see about figuring out the mystery too. ;) I did have times where visualizing in my minds eye was a bit hard with the gods information. I think reading would have helped me in these small sections. The beginning of each chapter kind of confused me at times too, these were short phrases about the worlds gods. However, in Chapter 14 P.G. Holyfield explains these are religious text from in the world and will be read by another to lessen confusion. This change helps greatly in listening to the book, in reading it probably won't affect you.

A murder mystery to solve in a fantasy world! Who done it? I like mystery shows/movies but usually struggle with the reads (I love my fantasy and usually not set in a fantasy world). P.G. Holyfield blends all I love here! Yes! Thank you for writing my kind of mystery! And in investigating the murder and along with wanting to know who did it, I became exceedingly curious of the secrets people were hiding. I wanted to know it ALL! And in the end, I do...mostly. ;)

We start in the prologue with being in Gretta's head. Then she is attacked and murdered. We got a glimpse at the killer's thoughts as well. There is a connection here, and I'm curious as to what it is. Then we are with Arames and Arrin, venturing the investigation through both their eyes. The powers Arames and Arrin have are amazing, and they are strong fighters.

As the story goes I become increasingly invested in the secrets Arames and Arrin find along with my growing curiosity as to who and why kill Gretta. What we learn along the way with the gods of this world, as mentioned in the description (they do choose to be born into the world), draws me to the vast world here. We have a vast fantasy world here. There are elves, dwarves, vampires, moon beasts (werewolves), and much magic in different specialties. All of which attract my attention. And then there are the gods and their stories.

We are graced with many stunning happenings in this world. Murder mystery. Secrets of those at Avedon Hill. Action. Supernatural. Magic. And fantasy. I never knew for sure what Arames and Arrin would come across in they investigation, and I looked forward to it! I'm now on the search for anything and all set in this world.

P.G. Holyfield has caught my attention with this world and his writing style along with an amazing mystery story. But in the end, he cinched the deal making me curious of Arrin Perti and the Perti family as a whole. There is more to come, and I WILL be around to see what it is.