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Review: Risen

Risen (Highsong Book 2) - Laura Jennings

Harp and Sia are on the ship Arkos, taken away from his mother by the Ninth Democracy to be trained and tested. The Viciss are becoming more aggressive, attacking the ships Harp is on. They know Harp is there and he's the biggest threat to them, before the Risen species. Once again Harps ship is attacked, but he's already on his way out in an escape pod, as he feels a prisoner here. He's heading toward an unifested planet they recently passed, however the Viciss are all around and Harp's pod is pulled off path to Kaimana - a planet that is to have no human life and the Viciss nesting. Harp finds there are humans that are left, and Risen.

Sia's and Harp's relationship has grown. They both need each other to accomplish things they come across. Sia also is Harp's guardian against a Viciss Onesong attack, to help keep his mind stable. But their friendship will be put to the tests they would not have thought would come. Sia will have to face that another Risen can help Harp, and it's okay to have support. Sia can't do it all alone and there will be times when her and Harp are separated. A good growing lesson for both on this world.

I feel Laura's writing has improved from the first book to this one. I seem to have a better understanding of the Highsong of the Risen. It's easily explained here and we see it in action once again. Actually, we learn there are different songs that can be sung. It's neat to see the variety of Highsong between the Risen species depending on the water mammal using it.

Harp has warned those that he finds on this planet what he is capable of, but they don't believe a young blind boy. There is trouble brewing with the Viciss and one that will betray them all... Maybe Harp can help them, but who does he trust?

Things are growing deeper in this world. The Viciss are aware of Harp now and after him. Nice growth in the world and the Risen.

Very much enjoyed this second book. The ending is complete, but I feel there is more to come. The war with the Viciss is not over, and now that they are aware of Harp and his ability, it's just starting for Harp. I look forward to reading more of Harp and his aquatic mammal support.