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Walker - Michelle Flick

Kate doesn't learn until after she and her sister move to the new town how different they are. They are Dream Walkers. New school, new home, and parents gone. Kate is miserable. Trying to adjust to the loss of her parents and being in a new place in the middle of nowhere is hard. She finds she enjoys sleep as she's blank and doesn't remember her pain for her lost parents. Learning her sisters circumstances, she offers to try this place and finds a few great friends. Along with making enemies. Colton has taken a liking to Kate but his girlfriend is the mean girl at high school. She's known for ruining lives. But Kate finds solstice in her dreams. What scared her at first becomes her escape each day - other peoples dreams. Then the murders start. Girls are dying while they sleep. Kate can't interact with people in their dreams, but she comes across two guys and one isn't the dream man the other is, and yet the dream guy is in a coma...

I enjoyed the fun friendship with Kate's new friends. Elisa is her closest friend, and a hoot. Elisa pops off the page at us. And Nick and Colton are adorable catches!

Kate's strongeness, in the beginning, with the not-nice girl and her boyfriend that seems to like Kate was great. Mature yet still a kid in high school. She's learning to deal with a lot and makes mistakes too. But, she admits her mistakes, this is good. Kids need to learn they are going to make mistakes and try better the next time around. Kate is a rule model for this. She learns when it comes to relationships.

Kate does visit other peoples dreams. Some are rather strange, but hey, we all have those out there dreams. I like that there was a blend of dreams, as people have. There were strange dreams, happy dreams, and even scary struggling dreams.

I really enjoyed the growth of the story as the book went on. The pacing worked nicely to introduce us to the characters at the right moments. And to add in the murder mystery with us getting more and more involved.

This was a quick read for me. I kept going, flipping pages for several reasons. I wanted to learn more of the dreams that Kate visited. The secrets and mysteries of everyone's that was shown through the dreams. Then what was going on with the deaths, they seemed to be related to sleeping. Then there were the boys in Kate's life. lol. Oh, the choices of a teen.

There is a murder mystery here. People dying in what looks like their sleep, but maybe not. And there are mysteriously two others that seem to see her in the dream world where the dreamers can not see her.

Nice combination in a clean book for the YA crowd. I enjoyed the freshness of the story.