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Magic Rises - Ilona Andrews

Julie's best friend and her twin sister go loup. Using the last dose of panacea, split between the twins, Curran call all loupism related terminations to stop and sedate them. Curran is up to something because their contact for the paste was found dead with his murderers shipped away before Curran could get to them. Packs in Europe are having troubles with a pregnant shifter - between her father and the two men she's pregnant too. Curran's history with the father has brought him to the forefront and asked with the payment of panacea to be the neutral party to guard and prove witness to the first born child. It stinks of a trap, but they need the medicine and seeing it so close to home, they want it.

To the high seas we go!! With Magic! Pirates, weredolphins, Haha! The weredolphins are dangerous but so cool. And ancient creatures. So great to see these! And I love the myths and mythical creatures built on in this world as they surface. Oh yes, there are always thing surfacing in this magic fluxed world.

No frets! We have our full crew of favorite characters traveling with us. I was worried at first, but how can I be? It's Ilona and Gordon. They wouldn't do that to us and leave out all that we love. Although...there maybe a few who don't make it home...

A whole regime of emotions felt while reading this one. Hope, jealousy, worry, tears for loss, confusion, and stunned for actions of one I never thought to be kind then paranoid wondering what his plan and game really is. Happy for life, yet there's sadness that one will never fit in, always an outsider. My heart drops at the thought that no matter what they'll never part of the pack.

This is one that we see another side of Kate. One that Curran brings out in her. Well...maybe a few sides of Kate. Curran. Such a shocker! Thoughts that ran through my head - Curran better not!! He's got a plan. He HAS TOO. Ooooo, then we have a special treat. I reeeeally liked our surprise guest, or host, we get to see. *giggle* Oh he's well played out here. So much great information about Kate and her history too!

An Ill-Advised Rescue
We get a bonus story in the back!

Saiman is kidnapped. The Guild gets the note. The Guild also gets a nice profit for rescuing kidnapped victims. The Guild calls Kate, now she has ownership over the Guild and being it's Saiman.

I love watching Kate at work. Even when she is amazing at tormenting Saiman too.