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Book Review: Into Darkness

Into Darkness - S.A. Archer, S. Ravynheart

Lugh has changed, consumed by the Darkness yet holding off the eclipse - barely.  London is still his druidess and needs the Sidhe Touch to live.  She will do his bidding, no matter what. 

The more pieces of the magic puzzle Malcolm finds, the easier it is to follow the threads of magic to the next piece.  And more obsessed Malcolm becomes with the mission to find all the magic and bring it together.

Lugh is on the mission for artifacts to create a new fey realm, and power.  The wood elves think they can stop the fade, or extremely delay it.  Lugh is willing to do this procedure to get to create the new realm and powers with it.

Each want to help the fey, by restoring the power so the Fade doesn't take any more.  But, each has their valid reasons for why they can't afford the 'help' of the other.  Or why the other is dangerous.  Will the Fey survive the constant battle between Seelie and Unseelie long enough?  The rift is needed, but is it needed still?  Could the Seelie and Unseelie be switching roles?  Maybe so....

What a way to start Season 2.  All characters we enjoy are here.  Even Jonathon the dragon.  This is a complete intersection of the three previous series; Champion of the Sidhe, Rise of the Unseelie, and Touch.  We get POV from London, Malcolm, Donovan, and Lugh.  All in one place!

Interesting turn of events and what we learn.  There are deep secrets to the Dark Beast in Lugh, and this makes me curious to motives behind others that are now lost.  Or are they?  I'm still curious as to that little question from season one.  And what happens to him here...Oh my.  Just when you think Lugh has it bad, it gets worse.

Malcolm.  Wow.  Just when you think he's coming around, he falls backwards.  This boy is falling for his bloodhound instincts and not even know it.  The things he does with magic, he is a key to many things.  And one that is hard to control at that.  He's damaged and becoming obsessed with magic and playing with it.  He has no idea what he's doing, but he's doing it.

Oooo, this is the one.  The ending is top notch.  Fighting and intense to hold your attention to what's going on. Then!  Then you see someone you never thought you would! LOL!  Ha! 

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