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Book Review: Gaming for Keeps

Gaming for Keeps - Seleste deLaney

Penelope started playing this game with her ex-boyfriend, who'd team (guild) she is still part of. But Aaron doesn't help her in-game. A man with the screen name Lohonas does. He's always got her back, even if he is from another guild. Lohonas has get in-game morals and team support. If Pen could meet one person from online, Lohonas would be him. But people aren't as they seem online. Aaron had proved that. ConDamned, a gamer, book, and comic convention, is coming up and Lohonas asks Pen if she's going to maybe meet? Nervous, Pen says yes. Cal is looking to relax at ConDamned, but his boss at TRAIT needs him on the job at the Con. Cal also is ready to work in the field again, or he thinks. All he has to do is find the code and break it, letting the others on his team know so they can stop the bad guy. And not lead on he's a secret agent. When Cal meets Pen, all he wants is to spend time with her and keep her safe.

The novella is from both Penelope's and Calvin's POV. It's neat how in the story the gamer persona did show through and match with their actions and real personality. Seeing their chat, I like Lohonas's personality. And he's not forcing her to meet him. If they happen across each other, they do. If not, it wasn't meant to happen. Hahaha! Pen is great. She's got spunk. I loved her strength and at the bar with the drink she chugs. She's quick with her retorts, and pending who her bather is with she's a hoot.

The story is quick. But conventions are only a weekend, so there isn't much time to waste. I liked that they had a semi-relationship prior to meeting, makes the relationship feel a bit stronger for me. The relationship grows with seeing the thoughts of both Pen and Cal. The danger of a threat to all at the Con comes to life toward the end of the story. And sparks an even deeper connection with Pen and Cal.

So enjoyed this sexy read. This is one that is a one sitting read. You want to keep reading Cal and Pen. Not to leave them be until the story ends. Even then, I wanted the weekend to keep going.

Cal is every girls, geek or not, dream come to life. But if you are a geek girl, yea you'll appreciate and love him deeply. Oh, I enjoyed this one. I think even if it was a full length novel, I'd want more of this couple. I was left happy, pleased, and not wanting the weekend to end. I'm always wishing for more from this author, Seleste.

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