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Book Review

Seducing Her Rival - Seleste deLaney

I can't add much to the description of the book. It's right on. 


We get this deliciously hot story from the POV's of both Mercedes and Lucas. From the first impressions of each other all the way through learning who the other is and the connection in their business lives.


Seleste draws two characters that are very strong minded, yet each has a weakness they don't want to admit to anyone else. They both know when they start seeing each other that there isn't anything more to this relationship than what they see at face value. However, as time goes on this week cruise, that all changes. The stakes become higher for them both. Gambling with money is one thing, but when emotions start to get tied in...it can hurt more.


When you meet someone, even after dating for months, there are things that people still hold close to their heart that are hard to share. Both these characters have that. It takes time for it all to surface. But before that happens, they fall for each other. What matters most, they are able to read into the actions of the other for the true person that hides underneath. The one they see behind closed doors in the cabin. They are attracted and more rises to the surface.


I enjoyed the cruise with Mercedes and Lucas. Mercedes seemed to face more of her fears on this cruise. More than what she fears for her charity, Better Tomorrows. Her fear of heights and falling. Lucas becomes that rock for her in these times. The solid ground she can lean on when she feels she's going to fall. As much as I wanted to side with Mercedes and see something bad in Lucas, I just couldn't. He's a sweet man at heart, even if the world of the rich makes it hard for him to be so. And what the media shows of him, really isn't true. 


There is smexy at every turn in this book. The couple spend many delicious nights together exploring (more than the islands the cruise visits).


I will say, I don't read many smexy romance novels. But Seleste is an author I will make the exception for. I've fallen in love with all her stories I've read. Something in her writing voice catches me every time. Once again she had me wrapped up in the story of these two characters. A smexy novel I couldn't stop reading. I had to know what their secrets were and what would happen with the playground. Then, would they really end up together...that was the big secret. A bit of a Cinderella spin with charity at the heart.