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Demon Bound - Caitlin Kittredge There are a few things I enjoyed in the book. The gritty magic which Kittredge takes to the next level in this book with necromancers, fey, and death knocking on the door, then we have the banter and love/hate relationship between Jack and Pete. This couple is not for everyones taste (even the other characters in the books hate Jack), but I do love their sarcasm to cover some feelings and the brutal honesty toward each other on other feelings. Pete seems to be the one more honest and Jack seems to avoid the truth or tell lies until he has no other option.

This book seems to focus a little more on Jack and his past come back to bite him. When the book started Jack really came across to me as a royal *ss. And his royal treatment didn't seem to be aimed at one person but to everyone, even Pete whom he feels for and will protect her with his life. I even started to think Jack was like that mean little boy is school that loves to torment and pick on that one girl he really liked. As you see more into the depths of the characters through other emotions and situations you start to see there is more to them and see their growth. Pete, herself, has a tough rough exterior to her as well. She can dish out and take the punches, physically and verbally, with Jack and the best of them.

I was a little let down in I hoped this book would be geared more toward Pete learning to use her magic and growth, but it was set more for Jack. Which is a great story! I was just hoping for more Pete. I did get the feel this book has some of the second story or middle books syndrome. This book seemed to be the shifting book for the next story in plot and character setting. I do think with the way this book ended I will get more of Pete in the third one along with more on the Black and their guardians they work for.