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The Mage in Black - Jaye Wells ***This summary contains SPOILERS for Book 1***

Sabina travels with Adam to New York, to be with her twin sister and the mages as she has severed her ties with the Dominae. Sabina is attacked on the trip by Vampire assassins, with the thanks to her Grandma. But through out the book Sabina finds she's under attacked by many different races. Something is a little off here, everyone seems to want Sabina gone...except her sister, Maisie. But Maisie is having her own troubles, not having visions and the mage council is debating about going to war with the Vampires, but they need the support of the faery. Sabina finds she makes some new friends here, and finds an old friend as well. The prophecy of the twins starts to be explained from Maisie and others, but will Sabina and Maisie believe it or not? Sabina is starting to learn more of her Mage magic as well. Will she learn it and accept it?

Sabina quickly realizes the rules are different here in New York as opposed to LA where the Dominae ruled.
~ No fresh catch feeding, with out a tax price.
~ There are Werewolves here.
~ The Shade and his Laws.
~ Hekate Council and their Rules
~ And having a sister!

Sabina came to New York to get back at her Grandmother. But along the way here Sabina starts to grow and things change. Sabina goes through some rough times emotionally and physically but she finds she does have a heart and can care for people, mages at that.

Jaye Wells has once again done a wonderful book full of action, love (on a few levels), and suspense. The story starts off right where The Red-Headed Stepchild ended and is running fast forward with action, and never stopping. If we aren't in a wonderful action packed fight scene we are learning more of the prophecy and powers that the mages have, which is still full of action.

We have many of the same cast of main characters we love here. Sabina's wonderful sidekick, Giguhl, is back in full force in this book. He really gets to show off his muscles here. And there is even a nice little surprise for him. And we meet many new characters that add to the mix of fun and action.

The only part I was a little bummed with, and in NO way did it take from the book - it was just me, was that my hunk Adam wasn't as present as I wanted him to be. ;D But he does have a lovely scene with Sabina. So, now he's back and with those wonderful eyes, for Sabina.

I can't wait to dig into Green-Eyed Demon!