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The Shadows of Calcutta - Phil Rossi We come to India with a storm following on our tails and the beautiful Agent Sokshi (spelling could be wrong) meets our Agent Robert Smith and takes him to the Magistrate who is not very happy. Sokshi also tours Smith where he needs to go. The Magistrate is upset as Agent Alex Tanner was all talk and no action in his eyes because he disappeared before solving the mysterious four murders, several missing people, and disappearing new artifacts. The Magistrate wants Smith to solve the case, but Smith makes clear he was sent here to find Tanner NOT solve the case.

This story has a touch of ancient magic feel to it. We meet a beggar who is a fortune teller, from whom we learn some interesting information from. Then we have strange fever induced dreams from deadly wounds. These dreams lead to a conclusion from... sorry can't tell you who makes the conclusion. But Agent Smith does end up in a tight spot in need of help. But Agent Smith will have to choose who to believe and hope he has picked the right ally. We also find there are steam engines disappearing as well. All this with an increasingly dangerous storm growing quickly.

I'm one to enjoy a tale with Gods involved. And this one has a touch of that as well. Gods are wanted and being called upon.

I have to say the descriptions used are wonderful. I think my favorite one in this short story is,
"the bus shit Robert on the road."
Ha ha! I loved this, as this bus and place, I could see it feeling this way. There are several great phrases like this through out the pod story.

As always another wonderful listening time from Tales of the Archives. Hope you go check out these fun quick stories.