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Devil's Luck (The Disillusionists, #3.5) - Carolyn Crane So much feeling and emotion in this novella! I didn't want it to end, and now I want more of Simon, and Fawna too! Tell Carolyn to keep writing this world!

****Full Review****

Fawna is at the fair wondering on the man swallowing flaming knives ~ What kind of future would he have? Fawna is fighting the urge of looking into his future. This is her addiction, she needs to look, and keep looking for the sad part she knows is there. She's working with her therapist on the issue, but it's hard to fight what she's done all her life. As Fawna walks to the gaming tent, she sees Simon, whom she is not fond of for his ability with recklessness. These two opposites, might be able to teach each other something about themselves and what fate has in store for anyone... if they will let it happen, and not fight it.

Oh, I just loved reading this novella! Carolyn has done a wonderful job of pulling Simon to the front lines, along with Fawna. Even thought I had "heard" of Fawna in the first two books of the trilogy, we didn't physically meet her until the third book. I didn't really know much about her going into this read, but I love her now. We learn of Fawna's past, where she had been, what she did as a captive, and why she doesn't like Simon, feeling someone needs to keep an eye on him. Fawna finds she wants to be proven wrong for what she sees as the future, but doesn't feel it's possible....but maybe there's something more Fawna doesn't realize.

Then we have Simon! Oh.... I love Simon now. Oh do we learn so much of Simon! Why he's the way he is, with Simon being true to his form. Simon always seems to find trouble, and enjoys it! He is the one who takes us on the adventures we follow, being he does live a little on the dangerous side.

Did I mention a romance buds here? Well, our resident bad boy just might find some love along the way.

Carolyn does a wonderful job of doing different chapters from each view, which gives us the full rounded story of our two characters. This novella takes two who are complete opposites and possibly, if they let each other, could help and teach each other something in the end.

So much feeling and emotion in this novella! I didn't want it to end, and now I want more of Simon, and Fawna too!