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Foreshadow (Rise of the Unseelie, prequel) - S.A. Archer,  S. Ravynheart Jhaer is in his court with his Queen tending matters of her Unseelie citizens. The Queen receives an invitation for her and the King from the Seelie to meet with them and Danu, the All-Mother. The point of the meeting, to unite both Seelie and Unseelie as one in the mounds the call home, but there is a prophetess who might have foretold a dim future if this happens.

Right at the beginning it is no secret that Jhaer knows the two opposing courts can not coincide as one, that the world they know it will end in distruction. Jhaer goes in search of Aoife. I'm a little curious on this quick read as I could have used a little more information on Aoife and how Jhaer knew where to look so quickly to find her, even to know that she was help captive. But the twist to the end here made me pause with the liking of it. There is where this short story became a bigger question for me, as to the foretold fortune of the Mound, home to the fey, did someone else plan this?

I do like that we get a view of Jhaer's abilities as fey and his speciality with nature. I do enjoy my magic. :) Also, in addition to Jhaer we get to see other abilities of other fey, and meet his not so nice Queen.

This is definitely a prequel designed to get you curious for what's to come.