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Magic Slays -  Ilona Andrews It's been two months since Kate's Aunt attack on the city. Before the crack of dawn Kate receives a phone call from Julie's school. She's run away, again, and now they agree since she doesn't want to be there they won't take her back, for her own safety. Curran believes Julie will be safe staying with them and with three hundred shafters ready to protect her, Kate has agreed but teaches Julie a little lesson in the way she comes home. Kate has opened Cutting Edge Investigations, only a month ago and no ones called to hire her thanks to The Order has been bad mouthed her name, just bills piling up. Even through the Pack is paying the bills, for a short time, she wants to stand on her own two feet. Her first call, Ghastek with a lose vampire heading her direction, the journeyman had fainted while navigating. Finally when the vampire is under control and Ghastek shows, he passes out himself, of all people to lose control. Something is up. Kate's second call, is Rene from the Red Guard, she was the woman at the guard of Midnight Games, wants to hire her to find her charge and his magical device that was taken from her protection. Even though no useful information is available to find this man, the twenty grand and an endorsement for Cutting Edge Investigation from the Red Guard convinces Kate to take the job. This man and his device could end up being very dangerous to Kate, all her friends and family, and even the whole magical city.

Even though this is two months later, I feel as we are right where we left off from Magic Bleeds. This book makes me smile on the first page, and so happy to see the fun jabs between Curran and Kate are not lost with the love they share.

Kate's family heritage is growing. She learns more of her mother through others here. I found it interesting what Kate learns from the witches.

Andrea is ever present in this book as well, and with her own personal issues. Andrea had left with Grendel, Kate's attack poodle which was in Andrea's care, after the fight with Kate's Aunt. But she's back, and been through a mess with The Order. Saiman is present for a scene as well. We get to see him in his true form, again, and learn of what Curran inflicted upon him after what happened in Magic Bleeds. Oh I am really enjoying Saiman, and his true form. Oh Julie...I love this girl. Kate is raising her to be one strong woman, and had taught her to fight. We get to see Julie and enjoy her humor for a few before we worry greatly for her.

This book didn't hit me as hard as Magic Bleeds. Magic Bleeds was one that hit me all at once with a high point that ran full throttle to the end, and I couldn't stop. Magic Slays was one that kept going. There was so many great scenes and so many different people being affected. Each scene was non-stop. This book was the high hit all the way through. No low. I eat up the action, the happenings, and worries like crazy. All from Andrea to Julie to Kate and Curran, the magic, death, the pack, family, and so many more!

This book has so many balls flying through the air and none are falling flat. One amazing read from the start to the finish.