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Dark Whispers (Spirit Callers #2) - Krista D. Ball Kept my attention worried about the town people who have become friends to Rachel and for Rachel. So much to learn of her past and what's going on.

Rachel has reserved herself to her room, with music, when the Elder Spirit she meet after the meddling of a young mans doing shows up. This spirit keeps showing up, claiming Rachel is summoning her yet not tearing her mind apart like spirits do in her presence of course no other spirits have shown either. Rachel's loss for the feel of the spiritual world stopped two weeks ago. Rachel thinks it might be stress; working as grief councilor for a double suicide of two teens she knows, Mrs. Saunders has been sick with no clue as to what's wrong, and the cute boy - Jeremy, the unknowing love or Rachel's live - and his perfect girlfriend staying with her. Then suddenly a strange new woman shows up on her doorstep claiming to not be lying. Then more suicides occur, drawing Rachel in as she knows them all... There are Dark Whispers creeping through town and it's killing.

Seems a depressed feel is floating around Rachel here, and maybe around others too. This is the draw for the suicides, but makes us curious for the sudden pull in this direction. Even though there are low feelings around Rachel, we don't hit that low as a reader. Krista is great at keeping the reader from getting bummed with the read and flipping pages to know whats going to happen next. I wanted to keep going to know more! Oh and the things we learn about Rachel here. Wow. Great to learn about our girl.

The Elder Spirit made me smile in the beginning with her remark about Jeremy and his girl friend. See Rachel's and Jeremy's relationship is...complicated. Well, they are friends, she would love more but he doesn't know it yet he puts vibes off but doesn't seem to know it. The Elder Spirit is of a time far past, giving a feel of the past in this little town and a connection to the spirit world for Rachel. Someone, or spirit, that could help her learn more of who she is. Then we have the mysterious new woman that shows! Oh, what she has to tell us quickly will lead to so much more to come!

I so love Mrs. Saunders! She's ninety three but she's spunky and doesn't hold back her comments or thoughts. I guess at this age who could or would want to. She has seen, done, and knows a few things by this age.

This book brings this little series into a new level and gives us the feel there is much more to come from Rachel and others. She seems more than what we, and even she, knows. Major! story growth here. There is more consequences from the spell Manny did and Rachel stopped (in Spirits Rising) than anyone knew possible. Rachel could be in trouble now that her power is known on the magical radar. She's different and some may not like it...