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Magic Gifts (Kate Daniels, #5.4) - Ilona Andrews Curran takes Kate out to eat after her long day chasing a large jellyfish. When they get to the restaurant Curran has in mind, there are two vampires chained outside, their owners inside eating. While on their date the male necromancer gives the female jewelry, a gold necklace...that kills her, unleashing her vampire and her date going into shock looses control of his. When all is calmed and the dead girls mother arrives, she removes the necklace from her daughter and places it on her son more curiosity stirs. Curran and Kate take the now necklaced boy to the Keep curious how to get it safely removed. The mom lets the boy go, and Gahsket want's the necklace because it killed his journey-woman.

This short story has so much happening! Not only is the story about the necklace now slowly strangling the boy, but we have the Guild still divided into two groups trying to decide which should rule. This is still happening from the fall from an earlier book. Jim wants Kate to vote, the Guild wants Kate to make the deciding vote, but Kate doesn't want involved. Eventually, she'll have to being in the position she's in how with the Pack.

We see Kate and Curran as a couple working together. I know, hard to believe. They have their disagreements or different views still and the fun banter, now all is flirty too. But when they start their fun comments as a TEAM on others, oh do watch out!

This story does coincide with Andrea's story in time. It explains a few things as to where Kate's been and why there, which is briefly mention in Andrea's book. And the connection from Andrea's book like wise relates here. Will it spoil to read this first? No way. This is it's own story with Kate and Curran. And do love seeing so much Curran!