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Outpost - Ann Aguirre Deuce, Fade, Stalker, and Tegan have been in Salvation for two months now. Deuce trains at night with Stalker, Fade's been keeping his distance, and Tegan is healing and fitting in wonderfully like the others. Deuce is...struggling with the new ways above ground here in this fort city. Growing season is close and Deuce wants to help in the only way she knows, as a Huntress. She earns respect by displaying her strength, but others don't agree with the change in roles for a female. When the crops are ruined by Freaks, Deuce suggests an Outpost to watch over them, and her friends along with Longshot stand up with her. What Deuce, Fade, and Stalker learn out here of the Freaks will be astounding and frightening.

I asked my son, who read this book at the same time as me, to share in reviewing. His answers are short as he's afraid to spoil anything to come and being thirteen not sure the way to twist the words yet.

(M = Me, K = Kiddo, my 13 yr old son who's new to this reviewing thing)

The Setting….
M: Where do we start? We start in a fort town, then move to the Outpost watching over the fields. Did you like the setting?

K: Yes. It was different from the first one because the first one was underground and this one is above ground in a fort.

M: Yes, gives you a whole different view of the world.

The Freaks…
K: They are getting smarter! But some people are too scared to realize it. Scared of the freaks and sit behind the fighters to deal with it.

M: You predicted this in the first review! There is a lot more to them than we suspected. I can’t wait to learn the whole story and see what comes of the Freaks. What about you?

K: I think they’ll get smarter again. I think they will act like normal people do. And see more of them, they are the point of the story.

M: The Freaks bring a whole new dynamic to the story.

The Characters….
M: We have Deuce, who’s struggling here with being in a whole new atmosphere and living arrangements than she’s use to.

K: She wants to fight freaks because that’s all she knows.

M: Yep, and she finds a way to keep to her believes.

K: Uhhh, somewhat.

M: Why do you say that?

K: Because she still has to do other stuff, like her person she’s living with gives her a dress and she has to wear it. She does have to act like a girl sometimes.

M: Ah, yes, her character is evolving with the atmosphere she’s in. The lovely lady that takes her in, like a mom. And learns the difference between boys and girls.

We have Fade! Poor Fade…. Now no spoilers! About him.

K: He’s quiet and doesn’t do much.

M: But he fits in better than she does.

K: Because he’s quiet.

M: This is his element, he came from topside. But he struggles too. We can’t say too much about Fade in or out of town. But him and Deuce find new ground between them…

M: We still have Tegan and Stalker too. They seem to fitting in rather well.

The Feeling while reading….
K: Surprised for some things. Like when Fade got captured and his reaction to it.

M: Yes. I agree. I was afraid knowing what Deuce and company knows of the freaks, I had a feeling of trapped in Salvation because it was fort. I liked when they went out to the Outpost. We really started to learn more about the Freaks there.

What about the relationships of the main company?

K: They change.

M: Good or bad?

K: Both.

M: Lol, okay we wont spoil for anyone and go on with that topic.

The End…
M: I know you have strong feelings about this ending. Want to share?

K: Not surprised because I knew it was going to happen. But it was different. The book hints at it coming.

M: I remember when you finished this book. You came right to me, handed over the book, and said, “There’s going to be another.” Giving me a strong look. It was kind of a cliff hanger ending, do you think?

K: Sure.

M: The ending leads you into wanting the next book. I can’t wait to get it. Are you looking forward to it?

K: Yes. I do want to know.

M: Would you suggest this book?

K: Yes. Rate it a 7-7.5 out of 10. (I’m a tough rate.)

M: I would have to agree with you.