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Triune - Willow Polson Barrett, Michael, and Brian are the Mason brothers. Their parents passed away when they where young and each other is who they had in their adventures through different foster homes. But, now they are grown and doing nicely for themselves. Although they don't see each other as much anymore with the work and Michael being in Military service, they still seem to have the coincidental connection between them. then one day, starting with the middle child Michael, something amazing happens and the angel within is born. The brothers one by one learn who they are and brings them together in their close netting they have. The brothers go through trials to learn what they can do and the abilities they have. Yet, their lives are just beginning.

This book was a nice relaxing read for me. There where no ghosts in the dark around the corner waiting to through me for a loop. This was a growing journey of the brothers learning of themselves and what their place is in the world. I enjoyed the journey these brothers took in learning the angelic way and where they come from. The brothers learn being "normal people" and angels at the same time becomes difficult and they have to find a way to get through. The only think I started to have a hard time with, and I'm sure it was just me as these are angels we are talking about, but these brothers hugged a lot.

There was great symbolism used in this read. I think I enjoyed the vision glass work the most. It was nice to think on who the glass work related to them and nice symbolism used in this area as well.

The writing style is easy to follow. The view point moves between the three brother, but it is very easy to follow who you are reading on as the brothers each have their own personality and life to help differentiate.