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The Astonishing Amulet of Amenartas

The Astonishing Amulet of Amenartas - Nathan Lowell, Philippa Ballantine Agent Books and Agent Braun pick us a case with some dust on top, African dust, and a case well before either of their time with The Ministry. And the Amulet is no where in the case file as well...

Agent Heathcliff Durham is sent to meet with Agent Randell Morrison in Africa to look for a man who the director of Ministries is concerned will be 'intending trouble with the natives'. But there is a catch in the name given... A large group of 53 men was found dead after reporting the necklace of blue glowing stones with a pair of men they meet. And there is a history of large groups or villages being slaughtered over many years past. The agents travel for six weeks, on the verge of ends rope ~ Heathcliff's tea is running out and Morrisons gin is dwindling ~ heading back to civilization to contact The Ministry, they finally come across a clue. A young boy who is missing a leg still living in a village where all others were brutally murdered. Will both the agents make it home? And from the attracting powers of the blue jeweled necklace?

We meet new characters here; Heathcliff Durham and Randell Morrison. Heathcliff Durham reminds me of a formal scientific man who likes the large formal words. Morrison is a harder agent in a rough world of Africa. And in the end we see Dr. Sound show up as a new director at this time.

This story does have the presence of fighting and blood. But I did enjoy it. And we have neat steampuck items ever present again in this podcast. Heathcliff has a new mysterious steam trunk that he guides along behind him, but it kind of has a way of walking about with the use of steam boilers inside. We even have the two characters talking, or briefly not seeing eye to eye, on weaponry. The comparison of the traditional rifle, Morrison's preference, to Heathcliff's modern weapons and sidearms. Nifty tools mentioned here when comparing and then off to fight with too, which Heathcliff has.

Nathan, the narrarator and writer does all his own voices. The voices are all done with accents and wonderful articulation in the way the words are spoken in speed and enunciation. Nicely done and easy to listen to.