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Spiders from Memory

Spiders from Memory - Frances Pauli What a way to work the Seelie and Unseelie fey story! Really enjoyed this journey through this trilogy.

We meet one of the dark horse fey, on the cover, first. A Kelpie, and on a deadly killing spree in the human world. Liz, Lockland, Laurel, and others in the fey world still alive, are at the place where Lockland was held captive in the first book with a cold frosty winter coating the land, non-stop, since the Unseelie took over. Liz has become leader of the fey, the last everyone knows of with a touch of Sidhe, and some are not to happy with it. The Dark Fey are attacking any fey and refugees in the southern woods, gaining ground and power. Marcus is with the glowing fey egg in the secreted room with no entrance or exit and is shocked when the egg becomes much more than he thought.

The fey and those touched by fey on mundane side of the closed gates are in just as much disarray as the fey world. Jess and Mary have fey and dancers camping on their lawn and staying with them. Human dancers are now committing suicide, with quitting cold turkey from the fey offerings. Bev, one of the few embassy employees still working, is babysitting the grown gripping fey stuck in the human realm. But a case is given to her by her boss, one the police can't handle; a string of murders with hoof prints leading away. It now becomes a question as to if the gates can be opened, by one of the three who originally opened it, for the fey stuck here. On the fey side, they are seeing a new deadly ruler take over the land and need help to fight him, but what Liz has to tell the Elves of their long history will change their thinking, way of life, and world forever.

Sounds like a lot going on, huh? But really it's not that confusing. Honest! I'm one to easily get lost, and in NO WAY did I here. Frances does a wonderful job of keeping the POVs separated for us, and all are going on in a same time frame, so no time jumping. Actually, really liked having the different POV in this series. Especially this book, with the gates closed. I got to see both sides of the gates, how each come to the pieces of the puzzle they hold.

I couldn't wait to finish this trilogy. I had to see what happens with the characters and in the worlds. I needed to know for sure what was suspected in The Fly in Paradise. I was happy with this ending, and I got all my answers here! The author even ties up the series here for us, as well as a fey story can be tied up. ;)

This series is wonderful for Seelie/Unseelie fey lovers. There is a wonderful twist to the thinking and I enjoyed it the whole way through the series. And we have characters growing to be so much more then where they started. Well done through out a three book series.

This book is another that keeps moving forward, and very little down time explaining. There is always something coming and all works together to bring us to the conclusion. We get an ending with bullets and arrows, but we also get something more and soothing too. Oh and the little faeries! I have to mention them as they play a very important role in this book. Those pesky little things. hee hee.

Very much enjoyed, and I look forward to reading more of Frances Pauli's books.