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Magic by Gaslight

Magic by Gaslight - Pip Ballantine Lucinda watches, learning a horrible lesson, as one of her coven is put to death by electric shock. The Association of Magicians, all men, rule with their magics and have the world convinced women with control of sex and magic are to dangerous to have around, they are forbidden and sent to death when found. We then see Lucinda as she prepares to meet the young American man, Theo, in an outing as before. Lucinda fancies Theo courting her, and hopes to fill her vial of magic by being with him. But when their fingers touch, skin to skin for the first time, they might find something dangerous and powerful between then.

I liked the world created here in this all to short Novella! It seems quick, but Pip takes advantage of actions to show the world, and fears instilled into the characters. Through these pages Pip creates a sensually magical world mixed with a touch of steampunk and romance. The magic is sensual, and in the end you see how sensual. This is definitely an adult read for that reason.

This novella is a starts to a world and story I hope Pip continues with. I want to know more! I do hope Pip continues with Lucinda and Theo through novella's or even into a novel next. I'm curious what these two will do with their new found connection, one that is forbidden and told to be deadly. I have a feeling of why they are to be kept apart, but I want to find all the more out about the history and what could happen next!

With that being said, the great thing and the downfall of a novella...I want more! The story has an end, but I want more in this world.