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Elysium (Chronicles of the Last Herald)

Elysium (Chronicles of the Last Herald) - Emma St. John Oh oh oh! I loved this story of Jessie and a look into her parents. Explains a lot, yet I want more too! Wonderfully done!

It is YA, but I would suggest for adults too.

Solid 4 stars, that are overflowing.

Jessie is just a normal girl; a cheerleader and on honor roll. Until you meet her parents, mom is on the crazy side with her finger pattern weavings and some of her talk, her dad is mean and always mad at her mom for being crazy. But on her way to her ballroom dance competition, Jessica will learn something new mentioned by her parents; talking about being a potential herald, then something that will change Jessie's life will happen. But she has no idea how so.

Oh oh oh! I loved!! this short novella. This is the story of Jessie becoming the Herald. But so much mystery behind her parents and why. Oh, I got to meet her parents, which answered some questions and raised so many more! There is a wonderful build-up around Jessie's mom, making her seem crazy, but then so much more in the end. There is the question of other family ties, which there are none.

I am always cautious with angel reads, but this feels different. Not run by religion, but by a character in a common world like us. A young girl trying to grow up normal, when things around her are difficult. The author has drawn me in with the words and things going on. There is enough given that makes you curious about the characters and what is going on in the world, enough to keep you turning the pages and wanting more.

I CAN NOT wait to make this journey with Jessie to learn her way and through the missions she will have. These novellas are well done, Emma St. John has pulled me into her world of Herald and angel messengers. I look forward to being lead through this wonderful series of a Herald in the making, and he missions.