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Gimme Shelter

Gimme Shelter - P.J. Schnyder,  Rob Wieland,  Jared Axelrod,  Filamena Young,  Mur Lafferty,  J.R. Blackwell,  Tee Morris,  Chuck Wendig,  Christiana Ellis,  David A. Hill Jr. This is a very different type of anthology for me. The idea was started from a game. And the stories are all very short, just a few pages. The stories are all brief moments in a persons mind during the zombie apocalypse. Brief weighted moments of life or death at a stressful and difficult time. What choice would you make if you were in their places?

I enjoyed reading these views, as truthfully, I had not thought about what I would think if the zombie apocalypse came about. These all gave different views and circumstances to think on, and from both human and zombie eyes. There were two stories that jumped to the top of my favorite list: Lions by Peter Woodworth and Third Date Questions by Mur Lafferty. Still a fun, quick read.

What follows is just a sentence or two to tell what the story focuses on, or what I could share to not give the quick views away.

Forward by J. R. Blackwell:
We learn the idea for this anthology was spared from a game, Shelter in Place.

Introduction by Dr. John Cmar:
John brings to attention a few things people might thing about when the zombies come, and question how people would react.

Fred by Filamena Young:
Fred watches his wife eat the family dog as he changes to an undead, himself. The thoughts that run through his mind of his wife and him.

Don't Work So Well by Jared Axelrod:
Why this zombie, who doesn't know he is one, searches for brains to eat.

Remember My Name by PJ Schnyder:
A marine helps hold back zombies with his guns to get one special young girl aboard a ship. Her safety is important, and he will fight for it.

Zombepreneur by Christiana Ellis:
A group help up in a convenient store and gas station discuss making money or other profits from the gas they have, with the electric out. Always a profit-or out there somewhere.

Lions by Peter Woodworth:
A touching tale of Cole and Samantha, father and daughter, who have barracked themselves in the house with the dead outside. There is one survivor running down the road and Cole runs out to bring her into the house. OH!! This one surprised me! I REALLY liked this one.

Is Your Love Strong Enough by Tee Morris:
How strong would you be if your daughter and wife were infected? Would you follow through with your emergency plan?

Third Date Questions by Mur Lafferty:
What question would be on the top of the list on a third date, at time of zombie infections? LOL! I had to laugh, this is one strong woman. And I loved what she had to do.

Samuel Colt Made Them Equal by Rob Wieland:
Where this colt had been and who it aimed at.

Interview With The Zombie by David A. Hill Jr.:
An interview with a zombie to get his take on how the zombies would invade. LOL! Such a basic mind!

Unexpected Residents by Philippa Ballentine:
Ghost hunters find more than expected when ghost hunting in a big old house.

Second Base by Chuck Wendig:
Young love at the time when zombies are starting to fall apart, years after the first infected. But can they think to fix themselves?

Love Letter by J.R. Blackwell:
So many views of zombies, all brought together here. But... They are Coming!!