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Bloodhound (Rise of the Unseelie #4)

Bloodhound (Rise of the Unseelie #4) - S.A. Archer,  S. Ravynheart While playing a relaxing (relaxing from magic) video game with Bryce, Malcolm hears a strange whistle no other can hear. He knows it's Kieran and when searches for his sound magic, he can't find it. He knows Kieran is in trouble. Donovan's not around as he's been taking fey cases, protecting fey. Donovan returns to a panicked Malcolm as Kieran returns to the club with a human female...London.

This story overlaps in time and happenings with Enchanted, novella #3 in Touched series. Do you need to read that novella, or series, first? No. I think you will be good with out doing so. But might be one to check out as well. This story gives us the Unseelie view of the happenings, and why they react as they do with what they learn, where Enchanted is London's side of the happenings. We get to see the Unseelie thoughts of London as well, or at least Donovan's and Malcolm's which are the strongest.

Donovan doesn't feel the earthborn Sidhe are ready just yet to fight and protect, but are being trained. This novella he starts to crack them into shape with an awakening of what is out there hunting them. We find Donovan on a case where a wood elf is found dead, actually a few wood elves. The case ends up being the first for the earthborn. It seems the earthborn Sidhe don't worry much that there are any threats out there to them, yet Malcolm is the first to just at any threats possible. But now with the mounds have fallen, things are different in the earthborn world, and they are starting to get a feel for that. There is danger out there for them, more now than there was.

Malcolm is panicked but seems to be accepting the other earthborn with him, compared to last story. Playing video games with Bryce, worrying about Kieran. Maybe getting use to their magic? After Donovan's talk about them needing him as much as he needs them, sounds like he's trying and becoming attached to these new 'friends.' But still has an uncontrolled craziness about him. We see Malcolm remember the terrible time he had with the goblins, and how it's affected him, and still does. Malcolm then worries about his little sister, that someone could go after her like they did him.

We get to see what special skills each earthborn has as Donovan appraises them as he puts them through rough training. He knows he needs to straighten this soft bunch into something better than the Elite he was leader of. The earthborn need to be trained up before the threats find the Glamour Club. They go on their first mission with Donovan, and one learns about her magic a little more and acquires a few 'pets'. Then they have a personal goal they are given which in relation to the female cursed by the touch.