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Scattered Magic: The Sidhe Collection 1

Scattered Magic - S.A. Archer, S. Ravynheart In Whom You Trust: This prequel explains the curse of the Touch by the Sidhe, and gives a closer look at Lugh – the good and the bad. We get to see the All-Mother, Danu, and who Aiofe is and the theory behind why she is gone.

End of the World: Lugh stands his guard as Champion when Jhaer attacks. Something goes wrong…and the All-Mother is in danger.

Aftershock: This starts where End of the World starts, but through the eyes of Jhaer, why he attacks and his thoughts of the fall of the Mounds happening. Jhaer is introduced to more of the outside world sooner, that might help him save his life.

Cursed: London is called to a meeting with a vampire associate and friend, Selena, and a new client. A client that is different from any supernatural London has ever dealt with, and claims her in a way London doesn’t understand.

Champion of the Fey: Lugh has found a way to save the Sidhe and fey with the protection of the Mounds gone. Through special artifacts. Lugh goes after the first of his collection, which isn’t as easy as he had thought and he’s suffering from the efforts expelled in doing so.

Addicted: London is suffering from her addiction. She will do anything to stop the fending she is feeling. In this dire need, things will be done without thinking of the consequences and who she is affecting.

Scars of Silver: The homeless runaway, Malcolm, is curious of his kind and wants to know more about them. Being innocent to the world, will find himself regretting leaving home and getting trusting the wrong kind.

Defender of Magic: Lugh remembers of the past love, Rhiannon, as he nears the temple of the All-Mother and senses trouble. The Fade is setting in Lugh, and he works to find his artifacts to safe all. Lugh has friends, Willem a scribe and Jonathan a dragon-shifter!

Eyes of Magic: Malcolm is frantic when he wakes. He doesn’t know those around him and only trusts one, Donovan. We see all the Earthborn Sidhe and their powers as they react with each other. Malcolm has adjusting to do. Donovan is amazing with the broken kid.

The fall of the Mounds and the beginning of the fey’s journey on land. The first half of the three series; Touch, Champion of the Sidhe, and Rise of the Unseelie, in the reading order preferred of the three intertwining series. The world grows with world building through characters knowledge and history, and what they are doing.

We get the flipping sides from each character to know what is going on as the stories progress and intercept. Don’t worry about getting different views on intertwined stories. Each point of view is different and different scenes to enhance the stories. There is no repeating that slows the reading. All is needed and answers questions you may have had in another story.

Powers surface from all sides, good and bad. And they may not be used in the way we all thought they would. Fights are growing as the characters move along, struggling to get through tough times.