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Audio Book Review: Paying the Price

Paying the Price (Book 5 of The Empire of Bones Saga) - Terry Mixon

*I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

Veronica is a favorite narrator for me. She speaks clear with possession of each word. She voices each character with different tones, sounds, and even accents to differentiate each one for us. This is a blessing in audio with a larger cast of characters. Even to give an AI feel to some voices is an addition to the many talents Veronica has. Veronica breaths life into these character with each word she speaks.

It's been a little while since I finished the previous book. The beginning chapter was to get us caught back up with who's who and what the "plan" is to work towards. It seemed to happen quick with reacquainting myself with the names of characters, ships, and worlds or stations. I just made notes and went for the ride, I'd get them all back in line as we go because I trust Terry's writing. He's organized in a fashion that makes it easy to keep this large cast in order. I was correct to follow Terry. Terry ironed any questions I had quickly and people fell into place for me.

Was I to be making notes while listening for a review?!? Um... That's one thing with Terry's writing and world here, I get sucked into the beautiful universe and forget to breathe. Seriously, the things these character live through are amazing.

So, I got drawn in when we found a station orbiting a black hole. When a few of our characters find their way in, it gets worrisome on whether they will get out. Lets put that worry on the back burner for a moment because I love what we find here! Though, if you are this far in the series, you know Jared and his crew members are not going to wait and see with their friends locked in this station, so you can't forget about that worry. Then there's the project that Carl Owlet was working on before this happens. Totally cool! It's like Thor's hammer, all done with technology. Goodness is this cool! It's also more than a powerful weapon.

Oh you just have to read/listen to this story to get it!

I love that while the characters get tripped up on a few stones as they are readying to venture home, the thread of the ultimate goal of the day is not lost. There is a character that is not involved in the current dilemma that is working for the next - when Jared returns home and Crown Prince Ethan Bandar is approached. Yeah, that's not going to go over well...

When we return home, it's exciting to see the responses from all parties. We also get brief reminders of what's happened to everyone, what they've lived through, and what can be coming their way. Being the 5th book in the series, I think this was a great way to remind us of what we've seen. Though, Terry does NOT repeat everything by word. We are reminded of major events and it all comes rushing back in our minds.

I love how each book builds on the previous events yet it is its own story. This is not a repeat of what we've already read, it's more. This is what keeps me thirsty for this series, along with the amazing characters and writing.

If you haven't guessed, I'm TOTALLY ready for the next book and will gladly continue with this series until the end.