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Audio Book Review: Magic Undying

Magic Undying - Linsey Hall

*I was voluntarily provided this review copy audiobook at no charge by the author, publisher and/or narrator.

Del wakes in Hell, flames flickering around her. She gave up her powers in the battle, and now wakes here without them. But, it was prophesied that she has a power related to death. Though she doesn't understand it, can it help her? Del escapes her captures to return to the one place she wants to be, home, just to be told He will come for her. In her escape, she's cut by a demon's claws that leave poison that will slowly turn her into one of the Ubilaz Demon's after her. Then, the hot looking Warden shows up at Del's door. Trying to clear her name with The Warden and save herself, she's on the search for the Ubilaz demon that escaped when she did, with the attractive Warden.

Laurel is the narrator for Cass's books and is also voicing Del. I do enjoy Laurel's work as she voices each character differently. She gives each their own voice, and hearing Roarke is lovely. And hearing him in the same room as Aidan, veeeeery nice. lol. The girls each have their own voice though they are very similar but they do have their own personality, as do all the characters. Laurel has created a flawless narration here, from my ears.

Del has her own journey to take to learn about her prophesied power relating to death. And could meet her significant other in the process.

Starting this book, the first in Del's series, is like starting all over. If you didn't read/listen to Cass's series you would be safe to start with Del's. You get an explanation of each character and their world at the beginning to place everything.

We meet Roarke here. And he's a special find for Del! Seems to be a perfect fit for Del and her death powers along with who she is attracted to. He does seem very hot! Roarke is special in his own way as well. Being different makes you a target, but he's turned that around to make himself needed. I really like what he is, and so does Del. lol.

This relationship feels very similar to Cass's story with Aidan. Del and Roarke's attraction is so close to the same. And Del has her own journey to go through, like Cass, to learn her abilities and past before she woke with her sisters. Along with worrying about people learning what she is. The cycle feels very identical to Cass's story, if you've read her series.

In the end I very much liked Del's new powers and where she comes to. It's an easy urban fantasy story with a sweet romance blooming, just like with Cass.