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Audio Book Review: The Bee Charmer

The Bee Charmer - Poppy Lawless

*This audiobook was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review at my request.

Rayne is trying to help his dear friend Alice find her love. He's got the honey bees help and working his magical spells. He just needs to stay focused on helping her, but he feels drawn to another and his focus strays slightly. Viola is back to college after time off helping with her family's winery. Viola is ready to move forward in what she wants to do, perfumery, and will likely miss this lovely town. But there's another thing holding her attention and will he understand what she wants to do?

Hollie is a voice I've come to enjoy. She gives us the personalities of the characters as she voices their thoughts and voices when speaking. Hollie voices a few characters with an accent in this book as well. Nicely done. Hollie does do well with the sweet moments also, helping my heart to flutter when it needs to.

Poppy's books in this series have been heart touching, each and every one. This one ranks with the other two books, though I didn't tear up as I did in the first book, The Glass Mermaid. But I love the touches of magic and how all come around to find their true love. The fairy tale feel to those special moments with another.

Poppy is talented in blending the people she pairs. They may not think they are alike, but they do blend together with their likes and what they do along with personalities. The story is smoothly written with a flow you'll feel in your heart.

I would love to live in a small town with this much magic and love. It's just touches of magic to help the love that's there blossom, but it makes my heart swell. I just love these stories! This one had a touch of Cinderella at the ball feel at the end.

Seriously, these are just the sweetest books. I love the feeling I get from them. You know they are HEA but you can't help wanting to see how they stumble there and how things are righted for them. One of the best things with this book, we see how other couples are doing. We see a touch of the couple from The Glass Mermaid, but see more of how Horatio and Julie are doing, who were in The Cupcake Witch. We also see a potential pairing of another couple! And possibly future recipients of future books? There are a few mentioned that could have their own stories.

I will always be waiting for more books in this series and town!