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Audio Book Review: Codename: Night Witch

Codename: Night Witch - Cary Caffrey

*This audiobook was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review at my request.

Sigrid gets her one chance to escape her captivity, shocked to learn it's six years after she was taken. She remembers nothing of her time as a prisoner. While she's on the run, trying to find a way off a planet that space transports were no longer available, she finds others that need her help to safety as well. Other girls like Sigrid. Sigrid also finds new friends and eventually old ones, who help her on the mission she takes once learning who's behind the actions of taking your woman.

Kristin has returned for the third book. Yea!!! I enjoy her many voices for the characters. She makes them each distinct and easy to differentiate while listening. She's even started using musical tones in reading the title page and between parts of the book. Cool. Kristin's voice has become Sigrid for me. I feel as though her emotions are present as Kristin voices her, along with all the characters.

We see how the world has changed with the war that's been going on, the Council of Trade and Finance is gone and Independents are fighting. Sigrid wakes and finds she's on Earth, a place she hasn't been in many years. And there is no transports leaving Earth since the CTF was killed by the Night Witch. Sigrid needs to get home. She wants to return to her friends and loved ones.

In the beginning of this book, I wasn't sure how it would all connect. I had my suspicions but wasn't sure. It seemed like the story was far from where we were at the end of book two, but we are six years later. The story had it's slower moments until we get to the point where things connect and turn for Sigrid. There are surprises in moments for Sigrid, in who she has to deal with and how they arrive.

The story comes around to connect and back to the one thing that drives Sigrid to attack. Though, through the story I still wondered how it was that she came to escape so easily in the beginning. I know a few tidbits were dropped, that she would eventually break their hold and all but in the end it seems as though it was a plan from the one who held control over her. Yet that person said she shouldn't have escaped. I'm not sure if she really broke their hold with distance being a factor, though with the ending it's possible.

Cary starts us into a different setting with new characters and plot to get the story rolling. We do come back to Sigrid and the one person she's after. Sigrid finds herself in fights and battles as she works toward her goal. But, with Sigrid it feels as she doesn't want to fight and kill. I love that Sigrid has a deep feeling for humanity and lives. Oh she's powerful and talented enough to kill, and we see that as well, but she doesn't want to do it.

This feels like the series is coming full circle with Sigrid. Earth is where the story started, so why not bring her back here. This is not the end of the series though. An end to an arc story, yes, but Sigrid, Suko, Lady Hitomi, and others of Alcyone will return in book four.