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Audio Book Review: Quest

Quest: A Dane Maddock Adventure - David Wood

*This audiobook was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of AudiobookBlast dot com, at my request.

Given a message from her boyfriend who's two months lost in the jungle with a college trip, Kaylin's put in danger when she receives a package he left behind in hopes that she'll find him. Kaylin has one person she can turn to for help of this magnitude, her ex-boyfriend Dane Maddock. Dane and Bones help Kaylin find her boyfriend, and along the way could find the lost city that Percy Fawcett was searching for when he disappeared.

This is an older audio book done by Jeffrey, and I really enjoyed it! It felt like he had lots of emotion and thought in each word he spoke. The characters feel different as he speaks them, even works to vocalize them slightly different too. I love that he's got a sound to a voice on the phone or head set too. I really enjoyed this performance! This is a wonderful example of what I love to hear when listening to audiobooks.

David Wood is another author to use a Prologue to draw me into the story. He gives me just enough to understand and know what's happening but to leave me wondering what they want. Wow. After that, I need to know what needed to be taken away then what Fawcett was looking for! David works in the prologue through out the story, and into the ending. We learn the story of those of old in the prologue. The hints they left drive us along to get to the end. Well done.

I do so enjoy Dane Maddock and Bones Bonebreak's banter and fun comments. They do make me smile. They are a duo I do enjoy listening to. Even with the rest of the crew that works with them on dives, they all fit together so well. Great team! Maddock and Bones don't show fear, they react. But I guess that's the SEAL in them. They are smart and figure out historical clues along with have the bronze to fight when needed. Such a great balance with them together and individually.

We do get sections that is from the ScanGen as well. The owner and his lead employees. But in doing this we meet one of the new characters we'll deal with in the future. This is where we first meet Tam. And she tries to recruit Maddock and Bones on her team to stop the Dominion. Tam really makes an impression in this book. She's one strong woman.

I really enjoy these adventures for the mystery and action, but also for the characters I get to meet. I want to get all the books with these characters, but also set in this world. I'm hooked!