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Audio Book Review: Stolen Magic

Stolen Magic (Dragon's Gift: The Huntress) (Volume 3) - Linsey Hall

*This audiobook was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review, at my request.

Demons have entered Magic's Bend, tracking Firesouls that were prophesied by a seer to be present. When Cass tries to question a dying demon she feels the compulsion to take his strength, his power. She hasn't told her sisters, but her Firesoul is attracted and she enjoys taking the power.

Cass's friend, Dr. Garriso, is pulled through a portal in the museum during an attempted robbery before he can tell her what the Chalice of Youth really grants to who drinks from it. The Chalice that the Monster from Cass's past wants.

Laurel is back for the next book! Her voice has become Cass for me. And she does different tones and scratchiness for different characters, making it easy to hear who's who. The audio is clear and nothing distracting me from the voice and story. Thank you for returning to continue on with these characters!

Cass faces many terrible fears she has at the same time. First is The Monster, the terrible man that her and her sisters ran from at the age of fifteen. It ends up he has his own plans, and crosses paths with Cass. That meeting is a closer one than anything previously. She worries about being found out, that the firesoul in her will be discovered and her and her sisters will be taken to prison. Then, one of her biggest fears, the desire in her from her firesoul to take powers. In her own way and when needed she finds the strength to carry on, growing as a character as she goes.

Cass is worried because she feels the draw, pull, need to take another's magic when they die. It's like her firesoul takes over and compels her to do it. She doesn't like that feeling and doesn't want to steal another's magic, even if they are dying. It's not right. And worst, she likes the feel of the power. It scares her. She needs to gain control of it.

Cass also has to help her friend, Dr. Garriso. When she gets Dr. Garriso back, Cass and all learn what the Chalice of Youth really can do. And they don't want the Monster from her past to get it. Really don't want him to get it. But, now the chalice is at the museum, that the Monster is trying to steal and by doing so has put Magic's Bend in danger of destruction.

Cass spends time with Aidan. *sigh* He's a wonderful man. He wants to help Cass and date her too. I can't believe they've only known each other for a few weeks, maybe a month. They've spent so much time together with all the events surrounding Cass that they have learned a lot about each other. Aidan is determined to get his date in any way he can get with the limited time the find between moments of rush and worry. He's such a sweet man. *sigh* (yes, I'm repeating!)

This book feels to up the anty with danger and what Cass has to face, personally, mentally, and danger wise of the whole town with the Monster.

I've really found I've enjoyed this series thus far. I like seeing Cass as she learns and grows as a character with her friends. And I'm more and more curious about The Monster. What is the story with Cass and how will she carry on from here? I look forward to all the stories to come in this magical world!