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Book Review: Harbinger

Harbinger - Philippa Ballantine

When an attack hits the northern citadel they're staying, Sorcha and Merrick see the lines upon lines of souls of the dead, geists and geistlords, waiting to cross and wreck havoc and death upon the world. Sorcha and Merrick will face what they truly are, learning their powers and limits, as they race with Raed Rossin to save the world from the breach happening again. There is one man working all the powers he can to bring the geists and more to this world for him to rule.

I have waited long enough to read this one. It's bitter sweet as I love this world and characters, and this is the last book. *sigh*

We see the world as it's falling apart around our characters. Things are not looking good, and they may not all live to see what happens to the world when the Otherside crosses over. Maybe they don't want to see it. But they all will do everything in their power to stop it from happening. There are even a few geistlords that live upon the human realm and don't want the Otherside to cross, as they have to many enemies there. You know one of these geistlords as the Rossin. The Rossin has his own set of plans that do parallel what the Deacons and Raed want, not to let the geists cross.

We see Sorcha face her other half. She finally remembers her childhood, that was blocked from her. But we see her have to work with who and what she is. She's special and can help or destroy all. Merrick, ah yes. We've known he was unique and powerful in his own way. And here we learn why, combined with what we see with him in the previous books. As I love both of these characters for what makes them special, I also love Raed. He never asks for to much. He does not want to rule, and remains of that mind. He would like to be freed of the Rossin, but not at the cost of the world, and sail the sea. The Rossin has his own plans and wants to be free too. I enjoy seeing these characters pass through different phases in their life and coming to peace with where they end. The events that leave them where they are, makes it easier for us and them to accept the peace.

Now that I'm finished I'm thinking back on the ending. I am starting to think the ending is longer than I originally thought it was. I think it started the final battle when Sorcha and Raed, individually, fought the last man between opening the breach letting all the geists and deadly powers into the human realm. But when we get to the grand finale, I felt it happened to fast. Even reading it felt like there were things skipped over in those flash moments that ended it all. That was a little bummer for me. But what lifted the ending was seeing how the characters plan to go on with their lives. There is an ending, a peace in a way. However, there is always that small spark that is left that leaves a small opening for the world and characters as they could be visited again by the author.

I don't want to say to much more as this is the concluding book of the series and I want you to enjoy it in your adventure with the characters and their big conclusion to attempt to save the world.