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Audio Book Review: Fast Money

Fast Money: A Shelby Nichols Adventure by Colleen Helme (2011-11-19) - Colleen Helme

Shelby helps stop a murderer, after killing a dangerous burglar, when at the courthouse to see her husband. Which puts Shelby in the line of sight for danger from this man, whom she learns is a hired gun. Uncle Joey's in Mexico, and his troubles find Shelby by following the money he hide in her account. Shelby worries about the letter and the five million dollars from Uncle Joey when the CIA show up asking questions. Then the Mexicans show up too! So why is the CIA working with an arms dealer in Mexico and how is Joey connected? It doesn't matter when Shelby's put in the center of it all.

Wendy voices Shelby again. And I'm thankful! She has embodied Shelby and become her vocally. Wendy brings a whole new dimension to Colleen's written words. We feel as we get Shelby, in the flesh, talking to use through Wendy. Shelby's feelings are truly evident in Wendy's voice, giving Shelby a full range to her personality.

I love how situations happen around Shelby and where she's at, especially when she's in a courthouse full of dangerous people who are hiding all sorts of things. All those things that she finds herself involved in. I love it! And with her husbands job as a lawyer, oh the things she hears and stops at the courthouse. Wow! Uncle Joey isn't quite out of her life yet, as she thought.

Shelby is a caring person. She also picks up things that feel off, which is good. She's smart! Which would be why Uncle Joey trusts her. And the same with Dimples, erm, Detective Harris of the police department that she's helping as a consultant. She can feel out a situation and puts the pieces together. Yet Shelby is a little ... I hate to say ditsy because she's not, even flaky. She not either but has a lightness to her that is fun and enjoyable to listen to her as she works through all the crazy happenings around her. She takes it all in stride, even when stressed or worried about it and her life. I really love her reactions and actions.

Shelby struggles with whether she should tell her husband her ability to read minds is back. But wanting to be part of his world and he in hers, she decides no more lying. She tells Chris the truth. Chris is a great guy. He struggles with Shelby's ability but he is there for her and loves her. He's even found the mind reading can come in handy. They really do have a wonderful relationship and it shines in this book. Where I was nervous about him, even though I liked him, in the first book, he's starting to come to terms and past the comfortableness with Shelby's mind reading.

We don't get as much with the sexy muscle, Ramos, in the beginning. He's someone I look forward to arriving on the page, waiting anxiously. And when he arrives, you know things are getting bad. Shelby's in serious trouble for Ramos to come, and come he does!

I wanted to listen to this story in one sitting. I listen while at work, and the work day just wasn't long enough. Seriously! Who says that?!? Lol. I just had to get through all the events to find out how it would all end. I had to know! Oh, how these events all string together and work out. I loved every minute of it! I was curious as to who was behind what and how. I got those answers and it slowly uncovered more and more of the underlining cause and how it's all tied together.

Some great crafting by Colleen in this cozy little mystery story! If I wasn't hooked before, this story would have sealed the deal!

I really am a fan of Shelby and her adventures.