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Audio Book Review: Amber

Amber: A Dane and Bones Origins Story (Dane Maddock Origins) (Volume 7) - David Wood, Rick Chesler

*This audiobook was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of AudiobookBoom dot com, at my request.

Maddock is with his Navy SEAL partners, Bones, Professor, and Willis, on a mission to find the Amber room that went missing in the second World War. If they can't retrieve the whole room, at least bring home what they can. Diving the wreckage of a ship thought to have pieces or traces to the lost room, they find more than a clue. The mission turns dangerous as trouble from the Russian's searching the site as well board their boat.

Jeffrey voices these men with ease. Jeffrey has been narrating this whole series and connected series's, from what I've listened to. With Jeffrey narrating and David and Rick's writing, I smile at the small quips from the four men working together. They have a quick sense of humor that keeps their situations light as they work through them, but also makes me smile and keep the story light. Jeffrey's voice brings this to life for me. I have grown fond of listening to Jeffrey. He's always clear and easy to listen to. There is no background disturbances or echos to his voice. Also there is no pops on letters as he speaks. Perfect recording and narration.

From the beginning we see how Maddock, Bones, Professor, and Willis work as a team back when they were SEAL's in training. It's fun to listen to these men banter back and forth. They are a great pairing of friends and have great quick comments for each other, such a youthful feel to them as SEAL's in training.

I found I was thinking I'd enjoy traveling in person with these men on their adventures. Their personalities and humor are ones I'd enjoy. Plus the addition of possible dangers (okay with them, yes danger) they find themselves fighting out of, sounds exciting!

This is book 7, do I need to read in order? I don't think so. We are introduced to the characters at the beginning and see the bond between them all is strong. Then we go on with the adventure they find themselves on in this story, it's not a carry over from previous books, it's a new one. Sure there are drops of other missions together, but that just fuels the want to listen/read the previous books.

I would listen to the story again as I think I'd pick up some details that I missed with all that's packed into these pages. There are a few moments I wasn't 100% sure how the characters knew where to go. But, they are getting information from an Admiral and you don't question your superiors. They did find a journal that helps back the information too. Even as this is a shorter read/listen, it's packed full of details of the mission and action.

I do enjoy these characters and dangerous adventures. I will be looking for more of them!