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Audio Book Review: The Glass Mermaid

The Glass Mermaid - Poppy Lawless

*This audiobook was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review, at my request.

Kate has lived long beyond her years. She's the last mermaid and feels the last spark of magic ready to leave her body. With that last tear, she's fighting to shed, leave her dead or let her live as a human? Cooper's returned home to spend his final days. He's dying of cancer. But Cooper has been seeing the beautiful woman on the beach every day for over a month now, and today he finds he does what he's said he won't do, not now. He talks to her, and asks her out. But the timing is wrong for them both. Or is it right?

Hollie's voice is easy to listen to because she embodies the characters. She doesn't do as many tone differences but she is a proficient at different personalities vocally. This is a big thing with identifying each character when we meet them. Hollie's narration of the descriptions written by Poppy brings the world to life. I can see the sunsets, feel the sea foam, and smell the air. Beautiful work!

The descriptions and heart present in telling them by Poppy's words are beautiful. Kate and Cooper feel like people full of life, or losing life.

Kate has a long past. With being a mermaid, she's lived long years. She's lived here then traveled around, then returned when those who'd recognize her were passed. Chancellor is home, after all. And a place where she'd like to rest her bones with those of her family's.

Cooper has a good heart. He'd lived down south working with dolphins in therapeutic sessions with children. Now, he's home where he was raised by his grandmother. He counts his paintings of sunsets and sunrises as he knows they gave him six months. He never intended to fall in love though, not when he knows he's dying of cancer. He's doing what he swore he wouldn't do.

Heart tightening. I felt for these characters. They have such sadness in their lives, but in some way they find a spark of warmth and life in each other when they know they shouldn't give hope. But hope might be what they both need.

Alice, the owner of the bagel and coffee shop, makes me smile. When Alice's near, her humor balances the sweet and sad twitches I felt.

Oh goodness. This story brought the tears out. Something in Poppy's writing twisted my heart. All the feels were here. I felt the twing of sadness for the characters. One wants to live and the other as lived long enough. Poppy's writing style brought this all to life for me. Even in the end, with a HEA, I still teared up. Just a perfect sweet moment. If only everyone could have this moment. So well written to bring such emotions out in me. I can't even express the feels I had.