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Audio Book Review: Fairy, Texas

Fairy, Texas (Fairy, Texas #1) - Margo Bond Collins

*This audiobook was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of AudiobookBlast dot com, at my request.

Laney's mom has moved her from her home in Atlanta to a ranch in Fairy, Texas. Laney tries to get through the first day at a new school, but things go wrong when she trips over a dead body. And life gets more complicated from there as two handsome boys try to date her. She learns they are after more than she's willing to give as the town has a darker presence than she ever could have expected.

Melissa displays all emotions with enough emphasis that we feel them in the voice of Laney and others. Laney's sarcasm feels so genuine as if slips off the tongue of the narrator. Melissa has to have a strong southern accent to fit a book placed in Texas. She does. Not all characters have the accent and those that do, she shows the influence of the southern swing of their voice. There are breaks in the chapters and Melissa gives a breath of a pause long enough to know that the story is changing in the chapter. When the narrator does small things that relate to the characters or what they are doing, it helps make the story become catching, Melissa does these small things. When the characters have an obstacle in their way of speaking, Melissa makes the character sound as if it's obscured slightly.

Wow. That first sentence is one to draw you in! I had to keep going with that lead in.

We get to meet all the characters and see Fairy, Texas with Laney as she experiences it all for the first time. Boy, do Laney's thoughts come through in the narrator's voice! The town seems strange at first sight. The dreamy eyes she gets from several boys, the strange guidance counselor that has rancid breath, and Oma Raina with the same breath. Just to find the two handsome boys that want to date Laney, the guidance counselor, and another woman talking about her in an abandoned house. Things seem stranger and stranger at first, drawing me in to know what is really going on here in Fairy.

Laney is the dreaded new girl at Fairy High School. She has a new step-sister that doesn't want her around, a new friend that seems to have a crush on her (that she doesn't need being day one of school), and trips over a dead body as she's trying to impress the track coach in gym class. This all starts how Laney's reputation starts to tarnish in school, and just the icing of the cake for what she'll have to endure.

Through it all, Laney seems like my kind of girl. I could be friends with her. She keeps up with the quick quips that others throw at her, always having one to say back to them. Smart girl.

I really enjoy Margo's writing style with the narrators she picks. The book feels as Laney is talking to me as we live through her days. As if she's my friend telling me all she knows. It feels like she pulls me into the story with the characters and I'm their sounding board.

I would suggest this story to older teens as there is the underlining attempt of sex to the story line. Yet there is teen drama, mixed with fairy/demon meddling and ploys.

There are a few different twists to the story that I enjoyed, events and fairy/demon creation. I was kept guessing as to what would happen with these characters. I'm TOTALLY wanting more with Laney and Josh and all the characters. Especially with what we learn of the 'fairy' world, Laney, and more!