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Audio Book Review: Revolution

Revolution (Chronicles of the Uprising Book 3) - K.A. Salidas, Katie Salidas

*I requested to review a copy of this audiobook for an honest review from the author or narrator.

Mira knows she could live in peace in the beautiful city of Caldera Grove, but she's made a deal. She has a suicide mission back to the halls of New Haven, to keep her human friends to keep safe and free fellow vampire slaves to create an army for the Otherkin. In saving her fellow slaves, she'll have to win them over as well. All while trying to save the human population that's not guilty for harming them, to only have revenge on the Magistrate and Elite that have treated them as salvages, while being a pawn in other's plans of revenge.

Kerri has a smooth cadence as she narrates the story to us. This is what gives the relaxed feel of Mira. However, there is a small section in chapter two that feels as if Kerri lost that smooth flow as she has a slight pause in reading a description. It's so minor that I rewound to verify it was there. There are a few pauses that feel a slight bit longer than the normal cadence of Kerri. They feel as they are changes in the focus or view within the chapter. But otherwise, Kerri has voiced Mira in two of the three books and holds true to the feel Mira projects.

Being in a new place brings new feelings to the surface. Mira is experiencing new emotions she's not felt in over thirty years. She finds she's worried for her friends, yes friends as Mira hasn't had one in years, and their safety while she's gone and if she doesn't return. I think she's seeing jealousy in one person as well, but doesn't know it. There are two potential love interests for Mira, if she'll let her guard down long enough to let them in and for her to trust them. But the betrayal she's seeing often from others makes it hard to do. The battles she fights also shows the loyalty that she has from people as well, which may help in building some sort of relationship.

I love that Mira is vocal on what she feels is right and adamant about how she wants things to turn out, for all. Mira seems to have stepped into the role of mediator in Caldera Grove between the humans and otherkin. Two extremely different views of the way things should be. Mira knows what she wants and is determined, with help, to get there, for everyone to get along without pointless deaths. They are not the enemies, the enemies are the ones that want to harm them all, no matter if human, shifter, vampire, or something more.

We see there is more to battle than what Mira first thought. She's got to grow respect from her kind and the otherkin. She also knows war may not be the best action. What about those that are innocent and taught the wrong ways of their kinds. Could innocents be saved and peace found?

I am hooked on Mira and her ventures to find peace. This book feels as it could be an end to the series. But that's not so as we know there are more books available after this one. I'm ready to dive into the world again with Mira. I will follow Mira through all her battles with everyone as she's grown to be a strong leader with a wise view on the world.