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Audio Book Review: Playing with Magic

Playing with Magic (The Midnight Witches) (Volume 1) - Carrie L. Wells

*I requested to review a copy of this audiobook for an honest review from the author.

Liza is an average college dorm student. She doesn't eat properly, plays video games, and doesn't much care for her roommate. She heads out for a late night snack with her friends, Felix and Darcy, but each time she sees her reflection it looks strange. She sees blue lights, it seems to ripple, or look disconnected, and she feels dizzy. Then, the hot guy on campus, Fathom Burke, knows who Liza is let alone talks to her.

Darcy works at Turn the Page, where she's seen a strange woman come in and sit all day writing in her journal, drinking tea with her own tea bags. Felix decides they can solve the mystery of the woman and Liza joins him on his adventure.

Kristin is the voice of Liza and her friends for us. We get the Boston accent for Fathom and it seeps through for Liza from time to time, when she is shocked or surprised. We get an actual knock when someone knocks on the door. Cool. I am a fan of sound effects.

This is a gentle book. Liza doesn't have a terrible evil that is after her, at least not yet. Liza is learning about who she is and what she can do. The first chapter is spent introducing us to Liza, her roommate Ashley, and her best friend Felix. It was a bit boring as we learn what Liza likes. The story picks up for me with Felix and learning about his special connections. I even enjoyed seeing Fathom with Liza and learning his connection in the world.

There is a charming blend of video gaming and magic. Something that is a little different and interactive for Liza.

I'm curious to see who Liza is in the magical world and how she'll get her powers under control.