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Audio Book Review: Bound Together

Bound Together: A Holiday Novella - Stormy Smith

*I requested to review a copy of this audiobook for an honest review from the author or narrator.

Amelia and Aidan have been searching for more Mages, AniMages, and Hunters among the world for over a month. Now, they return to a log cabin Micah has given them to be their home for rest for a few months. It feels awkward to have a place to call their own, but Aidan and Amelia are determined to make it their own. Especially for Christmas, the holiday where they both can share the love they feel for their friends and family.

Kristin James is the narrator that has become the voices of all the characters in this series. She started with the first audio book, followed through and has finished with this novella. The voices and enthusiasm of all characters is present as it has been with each book. I'm thrilled to hear the accents once again and the voice of all the characters.

This is a short novella, so I'm going to do a short review to not give anything away.

Oh young love. *sigh* They are still getting to spend their exploratory time together. Loving in the flirting and teasing ways. They are so in love. They are soul mates.

Christmas is a time to remember those you love, and Aidan is a strong influence for Amelia to experience Christmas to the fullest extent. Neither have had a true, happy Christmas with loved ones and traditional celebrating. They think on those they love, every ornament having a meaning when placed on the tree. Everyone is enjoying their holiday, sharing love with so many people. They are all spreading the love and cheer. This is the love that all should feel at the holidays.

Listening to these two together, in love, and enjoying every minute has made me smile the whole time. I enjoyed their excitement. Through all the smiling I even had a moment where I started to tear up. It's such a heart filled moment. So much love in these characters and after all they've been through, they get to enjoy it.

We do get a quick glimpse at Amelia being an Elder, Amelia's power is a beacon for all mages. Aidan worries that all who come seeking her will have good intentions.

This story feels like the concluding ending that we should have. It ties in the roles Amelia and Aidan and others come to rest at.