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Audio Book Review: Destiny

Destiny: An Adventure from the Myrmidon Files - David Wood, Sean Ellis

*This audiobook was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of AudiobookBlast dot com, at my request.

Tam brings the Myrmidons, her special task force, together after receiving a call that the Dominion is believed to be behind the murder of a bus load of college students at the border of Mexico and up to more with a call that was intercepted by the murderers. Mention in the call were clues to get Tam and her Myrmidons into action, 'time for Destiny' and an artifact of Patton's being needed. They venture through a race against Dominion members to find the artifact and figure out the clues to find the powerful information that the Dominion feels will get them what they want.

Jeff has become the voice of action, adventure thrillers for me. But I'm drawn to Jeff as a narrator for these stories because of his style and strong bold voice. He tells the story as he's living through it as the characters. Jeff doesn't give away any clues as to where the story will go while narrating for us. He keeps me wondering with the characters. Jeff doesn't question anything in his tone, unless the character does. Jeff feels as he's the expert the character comes across as. Jeff does slight changes to his voice for each character. Jeffrey did an accent of English spoken by the characters in Mexico. I didn't think anything of it when I came across it as it fit perfect to the story and was clear in understanding the words.

This is a world that is shared with other books, BUT! it is it's own story and characters. There are some connections mentioned but not a lot of time spent on them. In this fashion the authors get us into the world and characters here, along with their story and adventure. No time wasted, thank you.

Wow! David and Sean have created a huge system here. I listened to one book in this world. But this is a different group of people. They share enemies ~ Dominion and Norfolk groups ~ but they have their own assignment. There is a lot of information shared as the story moves forward, on characters and story line. All the information is given, but I feel as I'm missing that one piece of evidence that fits it all together, that's what makes it the mystery and for me to keep listening. I wanted to know what was missing and why, just like the characters. Then we meet a new character, that was what I needed for the light bulb to light. He held the pieces I was wanting. I wanted to know all he had to add to the story and twists that were to come.

I really had no idea where to expect this story to go with the starts as it is. And the story held up to the clues and evidence to drive it to a ploy I never thought would be present. Though sometimes I was curious about the connections but thanks to Stone and a few others we get to see them mapped out. Some of the connections are made fast. I really had to listen and re-listen at times to get all the details. (If you read the story, you may not need to re-read it as you can read slowly to digest what's happening.)

Stone is a mystery all of his own. None of the other team members knows much of him and Tam's not sharing her knowledge. I liked learning about him and the other team members thought on him as we venture through the lands. Stone has a special way of reading the world. It's almost unbelievable and magical, and I like the twist he adds to the story and how he moves things along with what he reads in the information and world.

If you like thrillers that demand your attention as it speeds through adventures to get the evidence and troubles that ensue, this is a book for you. And, from what I've experienced in another book in the same world but different series, all the books in this world are something to read.

Foot chases, car chases, escapes from lock downs and prison, stealing, adventuring, gun shots and fist fights. Oh my! Yes please. And thank you!