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Audio Book Review: Complication

Complication (Chronicles of the Uprising Book 2) - K.A. Salidas, Katie Salidas

*I requested to review a copy of this audiobook for an honest review from the author.

Mira hates humans for what she was forced to do for the last 30 years. Kill or be killed for their entertainment. But, now that she's escaped New Haven, she finds herself with three humans who helped her. They are more than what she thought, as she is to them. The four travel together to find safety at Sanctuary. But they all may not be safe in Caldera Grove, where humans are forbidden for their treatment of the immortals.

I was nervous coming into this audio book as Kerri is not the narrator from the first book. I shouldn't have worried at all. Kerri is soft and clear spoken with the draw to her pacing that we can easily understand and fits Mira's personality. I was impressed early on. Kerri also slips into the persona of the characters as she reads with personalities coming through in voice and attitude. She does different tones and annunciations for words and attitudes of different characters, such as Lucian as he has a distinct feel that shows he's positive in what he says and use to having power.

K.A. has brought Mira to the next step in her life. We pick up where Dissension ended and find our way into Sanctuary. However, Mira has to make some hard choices. Mira already knows what she'll do though, it's just a matter of will the events that unfold allow room for her to stick to that decision.

As we see the world grow, we meet new 'friends' in this book. Mira makes new allies that she can count on in a new world she only ever imaged in her dreams. There are more in the immortal category than she had ever thought possible. We meet a few of those, though two of them we learn what their specialty is. Stryker is a new character we come to know well. I wasn't sure I'd like him at first meeting. But, by the end of the book I loved him! He's strong, Alpha, but he's also smart and sees things are changing with the events around them.

We get our fighting, even though Mira is trying to get away from that. We also get some bonding time as friends. This is the best part. There is also a possibility of a budding romance? Maybe? I'm curious to see how this works out as there is a potential of two men for Mira. It's just starting to be seen, so I'm curious to see how it's handled in the future stories.

This book is complete. I'm not left disappointed with the ending. It's an ending that leads you right into the next book (which is out) but not hanging off the cliff at the abrupt ending. Well done! I love these endings, it's like a soft hook - you want to continue but you are left hanging on by your finger tips.

I love the vision K.A. has created in Mira. She's a strong character that has grown from the moment we saw her, and tries to be more than the prejudiced that is every strongly present in the world. I still believe, more than ever, that K.A. will be know for what she has created in this series. I'm only at book two, but love what I'm getting and will continue the series.