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Audio Book Review: Witch Wood

Witch Wood: The Harvesting Series Book 4: The Witching Hour Collection - Melanie Karsak

*I requested to review a copy of this audiobook for an honest review from the author.

Amelia has a white witch's touch. Those in school and around Brighton don't see a witch as kindly, but Amelia loves what she is. She can feel and see things are off, but she doesn't know what it is, starting with her mother's aura having specks of sticky black to it. When people come down with the flu Amelia will have to do more than mix her faithful herbs, she'll have to cast spells.

Kristin gets to share her adverse vocal talents once again. She not only does different tones for different characters, but also gets to do a young girls voice then the teachers older and more stern voice. There is such a variety that it's amazing to see her slip into different personas. Kristin does a hurt, upset girl along with other voices.

As with each book, this one brings a new element into the world of the harvesting. Magic. A witch. I couldn't quit listening. I knew what was going to result, but I was drawn to know for sure. What would happen and see what Amelia could do. She's special! Oh we discover with Amelia something new that she can do.

Amelia is a white witch. It's sweet hearing her thank the trees and for pumpkins and many others. She's connected to nature. She even sees the aura of people, and tries to help all when sees dark spots by clearing them from their aura. She believes in using natural herbs to help heal and maintain good health. This mention of natural herbs brings into question something that's mentioned in Shadow Aspect, something that might have spread this disease.

Oh where this story ends! Eee! I can't wait to follow on in the series. It's all coming together now. And I'm curious about Logan. I have a few thoughts on him, but I'll keep that to myself so you can experience him in your own thinking.