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Book Review: Of Flame and Promise

Of Flame and Promise - Cecy Robson

*I requested this book for review from NetGalley.

The war is still going and Taran is scared each time Gemini leaves to fight. He may not return to her as they lose more men in each outing. Taran doesn't like the emotional side of things, but she'd fight to the death for Gemini. Gemini loves Taran and wants to close any gaps they have. He's ready to take the next step, for Taran to meet his parents. Taran tries to prepare for meeting Gemini's strict parents with the demon children attacks happening around them.

Taran and her awesome humor. I got a kick out of her creative wording and thoughts. She's not shy in saying what she thinks, and that makes Taran special and amazing. She's also very sensual. So starts off with smexy. Taran knows she's not the type to meet mom and dad. That she's the fun time type girl. She uses this to cover for so much that's happened in Taran's life and protect her heart. Taran's had a rough upbringing through the foster care.

Taran's magic! We get a sense of how Taran's magic works. Cool! It was pretty awesome to see Taran in a magic showdown with another witch. I didn't get the feel of complete angst that we usually get with Celia's stories, but she had me in the end. I was determined I would not cry in reading this book. I worked very hard, yet in the end I failed. I did tear up at Taran and Gemini. It was magnificent. How torn yet how much love there is. Taran comes to grips with it all.

I had to giggle and shake my head for Taran a few times. She tries ever so hard to be the girl Gemini's parents would want for him, and yet everything seems to constantly go wrong. It wouldn't be funny from their view, but I did enjoy it.

This novel takes place before the end of Celia's book, A Curse Unbroken. The story has events that reference to Celia that were resolved in her last book. This was something I was a bit disappointed with. Somehow I missed this little detail. But Taran's book is all about Taran and she's amazing.

I look forward to reading stories with the rest of the Wird sisters as they find love.