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Book Review: Dying for Keeps

Dying for Keeps (Agents of TRAIT) - Seleste deLaney

Again, the synopsis does very well by the book so I'm not going to reiterate what's there.

Greta is special. She might have issues socializing and a few OCD's but she's got a knack for finding cases TRAIT needs to follow through on. Greta's ability to see patterns tells her something is off in the cases lately. But she has no evidence of a mission to go on to stop it, and prove it's really something going on. Greta's determined to find that something and solve what's going on. Greta references all three cases we've read in the series and that they shouldn't have fallen to TRAIT to solve. I like the quick touch of memory for the previous books, especially since this is the last of the series.

Now, pair Greta with Nico who is special in his own way. He vocally can influence people to do what they already want to do, but stop from doing it. He has a grand ability to communicate!

These two don't seem as they should be a perfect pair at first, but as I read I felt they were the heads and tails of the same coin. They completed the others ability were the other was a bit lacking. Their personalities compliment each other well too.

In this story we get the tie in of all the previous stories along with seeing each character for a few. This is definitely Greta and Nico's story but it's a bonus to see the others one last time with them.

I smiled the whole way through this story. I enjoy the chemistry between the characters as they stand their own as an individual, love each other for it, and compromise with the one they come so close to. And the geek references are always awesome!

The series are HEA books for the characters, which makes me happy too. It's sad to see the series end as I've enjoyed the fun of it each time.