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Book Review: Fighting for Keeps

Fighting for Keeps (Entangled Ignite) (Agents of TRAIT) - Seleste deLaney

The synopsis of the book is spot on. So I'm not going to describe anymore as it'd be the same thing repeated. This is also going to be a short review as I don't want to give to much away or mush about how much I enjoyed this story and couple.

I had fun with this story. I pretty much finished it in one day. The "fighting" connection of Jodi and Finn have here is frustrating and challenging for them, but fun for me to read. They make quick jokes when working at each other's nerves.

Jodi and Finn strike me as two sides of the same coin. They both have different reactions and outcomes in their lives to a very powerful moment they lived through.

Jodi has spunk. But she hates having to assert her "rank" over Finn from the first meeting. But Finn reminds her of a past partner that didn't fair well in the field due to his lack of respect for her ability to do her job. She thinks in order to help Finn, and keep him from the same path of her last partner, she needs to do just this to make him better.

Finn is a bit different. He is like, from Jodi's view, her past partner yet he's not. From the moment he helped the little girl, I knew it (and I think Jodi too). He has a soft side and can be worked with, no matter how lone wolf he comes across. He does, however, have a past that affects his thinking on working and trusting others, one that also had the outcome of death. And he doesn't want it to happen again.

Their mission! I have to mention the senator's daughter. That's such a surprise! I liked this little twist.

I always have fun with the books in this series. They are shorter stories but fun with the banter and connecting the couple does through out. It is a sexy romance that has intimate moments. I will be looking forward to the next couple in TRAIT's agency. I think I know who it may be.