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Audio Book Review: Professional Integrity

FREE: Professional Integrity (A Riyria Chronicles Tale) - Michael J. Sullivan, Tim Gerard Reynolds

Kristin, a young woman, wants Royce and Hadrian to kidnap her. She'll pay, of course. She wants a man to know she exists. Hoping the plan to disappear, her father the Lord panic, and the young man come to her rescue. What Royce and Hadrian uncover in her place is far more dangerous than a simple job. And a deeper plan than they expected to find.

Tim Gerard Reynolds, once again, is the narrator for our duo. He does an amazing job with the dry humor banter between Royce and Hadrian. His emotion shows for our men, Royce a bit not caring and Hadrian a bit of caring and worry. Along with doing a voice tone difference for Kristin. His pacing is well done. I slipped right into the world of Royce and Hadrian with ease here.

This is the classic Royce and Hadrian we know! Royce cracks me up with his observation of Kristin along with his offhand honesty. We do, for a flash, see a softer side of Royce. *gasp* For a moment as the look crosses his face, but then it's gone. Hadrian is as caring as ever. He just can't say no. And the tall tale 'easy job' he always things he's getting them into becomes so much more. We get to see Hadrian's talent with disarming and a quick look at him with a sword.

Do you have to read others before this? No. This one can stand on it's own. It will give you a great feel for the characters personalities. If you loved this story, I highly suggest picking up all the books in the world with them. This is what you'll get.

There are hints to Royce and Hadrian, how they are now along with touches of their history or hinting at a history is present. There's even a drop referencing The Jester, nothing big but a nice way to tie everything together.

Michael has done a wonderful job with the duo here. Boy, this story really re-awoke my love for the characters.