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Audio Book Review: A Witch's Path

A Witch's Path - N. E. Conneely

*This audiobook was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of AudiobookBlast dot com, at my request.

Things were to be calming down since the sorceress's death. Michelle is busier than ever. She bounces from one crises to the next. Gremlin troubles, evil presence, looking for gargoyles, suicides of teens, a T-rex attack, and preparing to teach classes. Then her friend Amber is worried she's being stalked and suddenly kidnapped. All while trying to not focus or worry over the death threats she's been getting. It starts to wonder if it's all connected. What demon is out there hunting her and why?

Elron is still at the lodge and working for the university at their garden. They want him full time to build more gardens and are willing to give him a perfect position he can't refuse. Not even with his Calling drawing him to other things.

This was such an enjoyable listen! Jeff is talented with voices. (Which I found out are all him! Not synthesized.) All the different voices bring the story to life and makes it easy and fun to listen to. Jeff adds the emotion of delay in speaking words or that infliction can add, all what we do not get when reading. We hear the concern and worry in voice to go with the words on the page.

Michelle is an amazingly organized woman. It sounds like a lot is happening, which it is, but it's spread out through a few days and Michelle is great at setting things up around the emergency moments. I love that Michelle always keeps a level head and keeps moving forward. With this personality, all the crazy happening around her doesn't feel like it's crazy. She is also responsible and respects the proper ways. Michelle does her best to do as she's to do within the law. She then comes to a point that she can't wait any longer and has to act, but she knows very well what the consequences are and will accept them for her friends life.

Elron is present and wants to help Michelle, so he does show up a bit more to banter with Michelle. Elron still has a past he is working through, and a past that will haunt him (and Michelle...). Michelle and Elron finally come to a friendship that is blooming. It's lovely to see them together here and learn about their pasts as they talk. Elron should be around for a while, at least I'm hoping.

All the characters are a pleasure to read/listen to in this world. They are all diverse in their personalities and actions. I enjoy the troubles and ideas they all bring to the pages.

The story has grown from what we scratched the surface of in the first book. The writing feels as it's improved in this book as the story starts to deepen. The cases are becoming darker, and messier. We learn more about clans and Michelle's family. The clans... We do start to see a bit more of the clan talk, not much but we do learn the connections to Michelle and that she's special.

I've enjoyed the calming ways of Michelle as she fights the evils and dangers of this world. It's a vast world of all sorts of beings and creatures and I look forward to listening to many more stories of Michelle and her adventures.