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Book Review: Pure Blooded

Pure Blooded (Jessica McClain Book 5) - Amanda Carlson

*I requested this book for review from the publisher.

Something far more ancient than any Supe world has seen is after Jessica as she rushes to her father and pack to help against the Made wolves, now that she's returned from the Underworld. The one guiding the Made wolves is more than a simple priestess and wants Jessica's power. But Jessica is determined to not give up her wolf and save those in this area from the dark magic this woman possesses. Jessica has irritated one of the Hags with killing Ardat Lili in the Underworld, and she's determined to set Fate right. By killing Jessica, at any means.

The whole crew is back together! We get to have Rourke time along with seeing Jessica's little loyal pack together. It's so nice seeing them all interact with each other. We learn a detail about the adorable Danny. He's found his mate! And I love that we get some warrior woman time with Marcy as Jessica's backup. She is one power-kicking witch. Marcy is fun as she comes into her own in battles here. She has great sayings that make me smile through the rough moments of fighting. Jessica's neighbor, Juanita, plays an important part in this book. She doesn't actually appear with the crew in person but from a distance she's making a huge impact. She's more than we ever expected!

When you pick up a Jessica McClain story, expect to not breath as you read. Jessica is woman on the move and always in dire danger. She's strong and all the powers are seeking her magic. They come at her constantly and she is always on the go. Thank goodness Jessica has the strength at her side that she does.

This book is like two in one. The troubles with the Made wolves ends here. But we also face new trials for Jessica. She's always learning something new about her wolf and her powers. This time she learns about her position on the Coalition as well. Jessica also finds a new person to bring into her fold and family. Though this is where the story ends and this new person is exactly part of the family yet. We are left with knowing there are more situations that Jessica must step into. She's going to help a new person who's also a victim. Jessica still has the promise to the witches to help find Tally. And then there are the Hags...

I always enjoy Jessica's adventures. I'm one that loves the fast moving adventures with deep worlds. And Jessica gives me just that with all her action and large world of supernaturals. I will always be waiting for the next installment of Jessica and her battles to be released.