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Audio Book Review: One Day In New York

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One Day In New York (ARKANE Book 7) - J.F. Penn

*This audiobook was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of AudiobookBlast dot com, at my request.

I'm not going to try and summarize this book as the description is wonderful, and if I do I will probably give away something that you'll enjoy learning as the story goes.

This story is a novella (as it's only 2 1/2 hrs long and 100 pgs print) and stands well on it's own. I've not read/listened to any others in this series and understood what was happening and the characters. But Dang! I WANT THE REST OF THE SERIES!

I listened to the story from Audible. Jeffery's voice is a strong, deep sound that rolls through the story with ease. From the beginning I didn't even realize he was reading me a story. This is a wonderful thing from narrators, as they do not distract from the story but add to and heighten it. I could easily see his voice being the representation of Jake's. His strong voice is attractive to listen to while he's reading the story. When he sets into Jake's, Naomi's, or any other characters dialog you can feel the emotions take over. This story is a thriller, mystery case that his voice fits perfectly for. Oh! He does the high pitched voice of a curator at the museum, it fits well!

There are drops of Jake's partner and other cases they have worked on in this story. I'm guessing these are cases of previous books. But with listening to this one I did not need to know that past. However, I'm now curious to listen to them! The writing and crafting of all present to the story is amazing. There is so much here to read/listen too. (I could go wild with my sticky notes.) Such a depth that it makes me want to continue with the series and learn all I can.

I listened to the first chapter twice. There was a great strength in this first chapter that drew me in. The people who, and how they, burned the woman on the cross. I wanted to absorb every detail I could. With the first sentence, I knew that sentence was leading somewhere and I wanted to know from the end of reading it.

There is a religious aspect to this story. But DO NOT let that push you away if you don't read religion. This is NOT preaching to you. This is NOT the religion you would think of at first thought. It's more of a deeper and possibly darker side to it. There are so many aspects that are looked into with the religious writings, and that's used here. An old feel to it that reminds me of the Freemasons secrets or similar to The Da Vinci Code. All with a paranormal twist to it as well, with angels and healing and more. It draws me in to the mystery of what it is. Why did they do this? What is the relic they are looking for?

This is a story that pulls at my attention. Holding me to listen to every word to understand all the items connected to the relics and history.

I loved how this story was presented and how everything flowed into what's to come with grace. This is a novella and there is not one wasted word present. All is needed to lead you to where you need to be and bring you there with bated breath. Then where we end up! Oh, I'm not telling you as I want you to enjoy the experience as much as I did.